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Ладюре - это французская пекарня и кондитерская, известная своими роскошными десертами, включая макарон и тарты. Компания была основана в 1862 году и имеет репутацию высокого качества и изысканных десертов. Laduree также известна своими чайными салонами, где можно насладиться ассортиментом чая и десертов в утонченной обстановке.

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We visited the incredible Ladurée and watched how they make their delicious macarons. Ladurée is a French luxury bakery and...

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Although macarons can be found everywhere from high-end bakeries to local grocery stores, Ladurée's version has become a food icon. The brand has become synonymous with contemporary high fashion, in part because of the appearance of their macarons in television shows like Gossip Girl and movies like Marie Antoinette.
Macarons are expensive because of the process and time to make them. The traditional macaron recipe is really hard to master. We can explain the macarons price by its complicated process to bake, timeline, and technique. It's a very tricky cookie to make!
No business is immune from the wrath of the pandemic—even heritage businesses. Established in 1862 and best known for making the best double-decker macarons in the world, French luxury bakery Ladurée had to close all of their doors as a result of the coronavirus.
Maison Ladurée, inventor of the double-shell macaron for over 160 years, creates tasty macarons to awaken both the senses and the spirit. Choose from assortments of iconic macaron, from classic, gourmet to fruity flavors.
Controversy. The Court of Appeal in Paris granted moral copyright (the right to be credited) to the creator of certain Ladurée stores' elaborate interior design. This came about as a consequence when Ladurée reproduced photographs of the premises in a book.

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